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Rinnai Gas Hob 3 Burner RB-93UG Big Flame and Flexible Size


Rinnai's Most Powerful 5.5kW Flame from Japan Technology
Emits the most powerful 5.5kW flame via Hyper Burner to ensure maximum heating power for best flavours in cooking. Best suited for Asian cooking that has strong wok-style.

Cast Iron Pan Support
Cast Iron pan support is solid and never deforms in shape, it ensures stability of your wok and pan.

Schott Glass
Durable and heat resistant Schott Glass.

Elegant Knobs
The gas ignites automatically with one push and a turn, offering the convenience of using one hand to control the flame.

Delicate Simmer Flame
Flame can be adjusted low enough to simmer soups and stews.

Easy to Clean
Glass surface is easy to clean with a simple wipe to remove the spills.

Flexible Cut Out Size
Both the glass and stainless steel top plate fit the hob on any cut-out dimension as stated, without further modification to your counter-top.Good as replacement hob!

Gas Input

LPG: L/R: 5.5kW, C:2.0kW

NG: L/R: 5.3kW, C:1.9kW

Product Dimension: W 880mm D 520mm H 147mm
Cut Out Dimension: W 705-840mm D 405-480mm



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