Joven Storage Heater Tank - Horizontal
Joven Storage Heater Tank - Horizontal JOVEN Storage Water Heater Water Heater Johor Bahru (JB) Supplier, Supply | Southern Homebase Sdn Bhd
Safe & Economical
  • Stainless Steel Heater Tank Rust Free Water
  • CFC Free Polyurethane Foam for Maximum Insulation
  • 5-Year Leak Proof Warranty
  • Tripple Safety System:-
    1. Pressure Relief Valve
    2. Thermostat Safety Cut-Out
    3. Thermal Cut-Off
Joven Electric Co is one of Malaysia's leading manufacturers of Electric HOt Water Systems with rapidly growing sales in Southeast Asia.

The Joven brand name is your assurance of the highest quality, reliability and prompt after-sales service. The superior technical expertise of our R&D ensures constant innovation to respond to market changes and satisfy customers' demand for a better lifestyle.

Excellent LIfe Expectancy
The finest quality raw materials are used to attain superb standards. The rust-free stainless steel heater tank ensures clean hot water and excellent durability. Our confidence is reflected by our 5-year leak proof warranty.
Convenient Temperature Settings
Joven Vertical model has a control knob which allows temperature setting from 'OFF' to 70°C (Low-Medium-High). Under normal operation the thermostat cuts out at the set temperature - Low (about 40°C), Medium (about 55°C), High (about 70°C). When the hot water consumption is not in large volume, setting at Medium will minimise electrical consumption.

The horizontal model has a built-in thermostat which is pre-set at 70°C to provide maximum hot water, ready for immediate use.

Mounting Made Easier
A patented mounting ring bracket allows flexibility in mounting the heater in any horizontal positions to overcome space constraints in modern homes.
Centralised Multi-Point System
All you need is one heater to distribute hot water to your shower, long bath, wash basin, kitchen sink, washing machine and even jacuzzi.
Energy Saver
A sheathed heating element and an automatic regulating thermostat provide rapid and efficient water heating. Thus, minimising electric consumption.

What's more, a compact polyurethane foam insulation keeps the water hot much longer and ready for immediate use.

Tested For Your Safety
The Joven Triple Safety System (TSS) incorporates a Pressure Relief Valve, Thermostat Safety Cut-Out device and Thermal Cut-Off feature that prevent excessive pressure and temperature build-up in the heater tank.

Each heater is also individually tested to 20 bars (300psi), twice the maximum workin gpressure of 10 bars (150psi) in compliance with IEC standards.

Safe and Economical

Identification Details
1/2. Dual Indicator Lights
Red : Water Heater
Green : Mains
3. Thermal Cut-off
Protects heating element from dry burn.
4. Thermostat
Surface mount thermostat pre-set at 70°C with safety cut-out at 95°C.
6. Heating Element
Copper sheathed, high power, low watt density for faster heating and better reliability. Easy to replace.
7. Stainless Steel Heater Tank
Thick gauge stainless steel to withstand rust and rupture. Tested to 20 bars to ensure no water leakage. 5-year leak proof warranty.
8. Insulation Foam
High density polyurethane foam of 2 Ib per cu ft to prevent heat loss - ensuring electric consumption to a minimum.
9. Heater Enclosure
Electro-galvanised steel and anti-corrosion treated. Then, epoxy coated and baked to high temperature for better durability.
10. Patented Mounting Ring Bracket
Allowing flexibility in mounting the heater in any horizontal positions. Epoxy powder coated with expansion bolts for safe mounting.
11. Safety Pressure Relief & Drain Valve
Pre-set to 10 bars to prevent tank rupture. Drain Valve to facilitate water drain out during servicing.
12. Stainless Steel Outlet Pipe 1/2'' BSP
13. Stainless Steel Inlet Pipe 1/2'' BSP
14. Installation Cover
High quality ABS plastic. Easy access for repair.
15. Adjustable Thermostat Knob
Allows water temperature adjustment.
16. Thermometer
Indicates hot water in the tank.
17. Thermostat Tube
Controls water temperature.
Models Available
JH15 15 Litres (3.3 Imp. Gals)
JH25 25Litres (5.5 Imp. Gals)
JH35 35 Litres (7.7 Imp. Gals)
JH50 50 Litres (11.0 Imp. Gals)
JH68 68 Litres (15.0 Imp. Gals)
JH91 91 Litres (20.0 Imp. Gals)
Installation Dimension

Model JH15 JH25 JH35 JH38 JH50 JH56 JH68 JH91
Tank Capacity (Litres) 15
(3.3 Imp. Gals)
(5.5 Imp. Gals)
(7.7 Imp. Gals)
(8.4 Imp. Gals)
50 (11.0 Imp. Gals) 56 (12.3 Imp. Gals) 68 (15.0 Imp. Gals) 91 (20.0 Imp. Gals)
A 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100
B 405 405 405 405 405 405 405 405
C 265 265 265 265 265 265 265 265
D 381 381 381 381 381 381 381 381
E 96 121 121 121 121 121 121 121
F 70 150 269 304 438 508 648 914
G 96 121 121 121 121 121 121 121
I 65 65 65 65 65 65 65 65
J 82 82 82 82 82 82 82 82
3KW/ 240V
230V 1.5KW/
Approx. Wt. Kgs
10/25 12/37 14/49 15/53 17/67 18/74 20/88 25/116

*Heating Element Wattage from 0.5KW/3KW 220V/240V on request.
Heating Chart
Model JH15 JH25 JH35 JH38 JH50 JH56 JH68 JH91
Tank Capacity (Litres) 15 (3.3 Imp. Gals) 25 (5.5 Imp. Gals) 35 (7.7 Imp. Gals) 38 (8.4 Imp. Gals) 50 (11.0 Imp. Gals) 56 (12.3 Imp. Gals) 68 (15.0 Imp. Gals) 91 (20.0 Imp. Gals)
Time Taken (Min) 3 KW/240V 15 20 30 35 45 50 60 80
1.5KW/230V 23 40 60 70 90 100 120 160
Replacement Rate
43°C Rise
3 KW/240V Heating Element
63 litres (14 gals) per hour

*Approximate time taken to heat up to 70°C. Inlet water Temperature at 27°C.

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